Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Selected Beginning Curriculum

Phonics and Reading Curriculum
Math Curriculum

Yesterday, we purchased our curriculum for the beginning of kindergarten. I looked at several choices from Lifepac, Saxon Math, Our Father's World, Horizons and Son Light. These are the conclusions I came to based on Micah's needs. (Your child will have different needs)

Lifepac and Saxon: moderately expensive with limited hands on lessons
Son Light: great reviews, very expensive with all materials included
Our Father's World: Themed curriculum, hands-on, reasonably priced, geared toward kinders that need to learn letters, numbers, colors... (Micah was past this point or I would have enjoyed this)
Horizons: moderately expensive, but can purchase the work books separately :)

I finally decided on the Horizons workbooks separately ($16.00 at Mardel) and Math K5 worktext by BJU press ($19.99 at Mardel) because I could always add the hands-on activity with the work page. We didn't really want to pay $400+ for Son Light. We may choose this option when we get into the higher grades, but for now I don't need the books and materials because I already have most of them.

Please note that these two curriculum books that I purchased are only the workbooks because it is cheaper. I'm adding the hands-on activities and manipulatives to go with them. For example, today we are doing comparing weight. Micah and I will go get on our digital scale and compare our weights. We will also use the balance scale I already have and put items of differing weight in to watch the scale and see which item "weighs more". It isn't hard think up some "activity" to go along with your work page.

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