Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kindergarten Day 2

Micah wrote in his journal. It says "Me and mommy had a bad dream." He wrote "Me ad my had bad ceme" This is phonetic writing. He picks out sounds in the words and writing them as he hears them in a long sequence. There are 5 stages of writing: Pictures/Scribbling, Random Letters, Phonetic Writing, Transitional Writing and Standard Writing. Kindergarten is mostly comprised on Random Letters, Phonetic Writing and possibly Transitional.
To learn number recognition and order (Micah is a little further along because he can count to 50 and recognize numbers past 20), I printed out 2 hundreds charts. One hundreds chart I cut the numbers out of and he had to find the matching numbers and glue them into the right spot with a glue stick. This helps him to notice the differences in the numbers and start to visually place in his brain the order that they go in. The activity will take us several days during math.

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